About Us

The company was established in 1993, specializing in the sale of traditional Chinese medicine equipment, Chinese medicine automatic Herbal Pot , Herbal Medicine Pulverizer, rehabilitation products, wheelchairs, crutches, rehabilitation beds, etc.
The use of traditional Chinese medicine equipment is suitable for industrial, Chinese medicine clinics, Chinese and Western medicine, small food and pharmaceutical processing and production.
Rehabilitation products are suitable for elderly nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, chronically ill patients, disabled people, and personal health care.
Products sell well all over the world, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Japan, Macau, China...etc. With customer first, quality products, and our professional ethics, we are deeply trusted and praised by our customers.

輪椅維修只須等1-2 天便有人上門維修。( 本公司舊客戶已多次贊賞 )
如需上門服務,不會收取額外費用。( 過保養期或人為損壞例外)

A. 所有品牌手推輪椅皆享受首年上門免費維修服務
B. 日本品牌(Miki,Maki)輪椅享有十年支架保養
C. 台灣品牌(Karma,Merits)輪椅享有五年支架保養
D. 其它品牌輪椅享有一年支架保養